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 I answered an add on craigslist for secret shopper. I have been looking for employmeny and this sounded fun. I received a reply soon after. I was told i needed a chase bank account for payment and to help with funding for my assingments. I opened one. I was told this company was hiried by large companies to secret shop there stores and give back a report on things like if store was clean, how long tell i was helped , who helped me ect. my first assingment was to shop a western union he said they were reported that money sent didnt reach person it was sent to and they had bad service.

i was told to pick up money at chase bank threw quick pay then go to a western union ans send to person i was told. i was to get back the report to them right after.I find out later that the money i picked up was stolden some how because it came from someones personal account.. My account was closed and the bank is telling me i have to pay back this money. I thought i did my homework in making sure that the company was a real I looked them up on the B.B.B. they had an A+ rate. I found a web sight for them online. and i use to work for a grocery store and they would shop our store so i felt it was safe to work for this employer.

I thought if the grocery store has hired secret shoppers that no way would they mess with anything not  legal.They sounded very professinal and after the A+ rate with B.B.B how could i go wrong? Now it turns out I may have commited a crime with out even knowing and i am scared what might happen.I dont have money to re pay money taken from who ever it came from and i never intended to ever do so in the first place.I feel horrible for this person and i shouldnt have to be in this position eather. I talked to the bank and told them i wanted to help them find this person that i had all the emails still on my computer and all the paperwork from the jobs he had me do and that i woukld be more than willing to help.

They didnt seam intersted in anything but me paying back the money. The person that had me work for him emailed me after my account had be closed and asked what had happened he did not know i had been informed of what was happening. I told him i had an issue with a check that a girlfrind had givin me and that my account was on hold tell i could cover the check , i didnt want him to know i had been told what had happened so i hopefully could get so help and have him stoped and charged for doing this to people. he is stil in contact with me waiting for me to fix my account. I need help i dont know what i can do,

i want this man stoped it is unfair that one person is missing there hard earned money and it is not right that i could be in trubble with the law and bank for somthing i really had no idea was accuring. I am a single mother of three young children that was looking to find some work not looking to comit any crime. i need help please someone help me like i said i will do everything i can to help catch this guy, but dont know how long i can make him wait before he thinks i know. he has been emailing me trying to get me to do other things i have not responded. lets get this guy off the internet not to take advantage of others. please help .

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"Tealle, look out!"

You instantly shouted, quickly transforming into your snow form as you flew to her and deflected an Ursa's claw from her. You made quick work of it as you slashed your sword across its chest, before beheading it, effectively killing it. You and your team were assigned to clear out a Grimm-infested forest ranch in the outskirts of Emerald Forest

"You okay, Tealle?" you asked as you approached her.

"I-I'm fine...." Tealle assures as she regains her stature. Just then...

"Whoa, watch it!"

Tealle yelped a bit as she ducked down, a familiar wine-haired figure jumping up above her crouching body and deflects a couple of sharp feathers thrown by the Nevermore in the sky.

"Thanks, Claire!" you shouted as you sliced a Beowolf in half.

"Yeah, yeah. Don't mention it." Claire shouted as she leaped off to dispatch a Boarbatusk.

"Focus, everyone! We're not done here yet." Sky shouted as he easily dispatches a horde of Beowolves coming at their way.

"Right! Claire, Sky, you take the ones on the left side of the forest. Tealle and I will take care of the ones on the right." you ordered as you summoned an ice duplicate of your sword and charged forward, with Tealle running along your side. You went off to dispatch a couple of Ursas on the way while Tealle continued on.

Okay, this is my chance to prove Cap I can---

Tealle, caught in her own thought, does not expect a Death Stalker explode out of the forest beside her. If she was paying attention, she would've been able to detect easily it from a mile away with her Faunus traits. Caught off-guard, she manages to block a strike from its stinger, but loses her weapon in the process. She takes a step backward, but trips on a log. The Death Stalker slowly approaches the defenseless Faunus as she crawls back.

You were barely holding yourself back now as your Aura was slowly being drained in blocking an Alpha Ursa's claw. You gritted your teeth out of frustration as you forcefully forced the Grimm back.

"Cap! Help!"

You instantly turned towards the sound and was shocked to see Tealle defenseless on the ground with a giant Death Stalker in front of her.  The Death Stalker was now readying an attack on her. You saw it’s intentions.


Distracted, the Alpha Ursa suddenly slashes at you with its claws, sending you flying away and crash against a large tree, draining most of your remaining Aura. Taking drastic measures, you used up the last of your Aura and transformed into your snow form, quickly flying to Tealle's aid.

Tealle closed her eyes as she waits for Death to claim her, but it all she felt was she was being carried away, but not before she heard the sound of flesh being torn. Tealle opened her eyes, looks up and is shocked to see you crouching in front of her, panting and grunting in pain. You had managed to escape her from harm's way, but harm came to you. Your stomach was deeply grazed by the stinger, the golden liquid present on the wound was proof, the Death Stalker's poison. You gritted your teeth, refusing to show you were in great pain.

"Thank..... goodness..."


Tealle took you into her arms as you collapsed unto the ground, your stomach bleeding profusely with the few drops of golden venom present in the deeply grazed wound. 

"No.... No, no, no. Cap! Stay with me. Please!" Tealle pleaded, tears slowly escaping her eyes.

"H-Hey.... i-it takes m-more than a little sting to.... kill... me.... heh..." you assured before coughing up bits of blood out of your mouth.

Creatures of the Grimm were slowly surrounding you and Tealle as they prepare their final assault. But, they all felt a menacing aura from the White Tiger Faunus, her bangs covering her eyes as she grits her teeth out of pure anger.

“You..... YOU’LL ALL PAY FOR THIS!!!” she bellowed, her frustration then followed by a loud roar that even a lion would've been proud of, the very first tiger's roar she had ever made.

Sky and Claire heard the roar, so they finished up quickly and hastily made their way towards the sound. Tealle was glowing brightly in her Aura color as she touches you, a circle of light travels around her body, signifying she has copied your Semblance. She then finds and picks up her weapon.

"I'll make sure none of you will leave a trace Cap would see."

With that, she starts dispatching the Grimm around her. She dashes her way through the mass by transforming into a snow flurry. She forms an ice pillar at the center of a group of Ursa, clenches her fist at the pillar, which then explodes violently, ice shards piercing the Bwowolves, as they slowly disintegrate.

Tealle continues cutting up and down, left and right, leaving bullets, and blackened body parts flying into the air. She disembowels them quicker and quicker until the last one left was the Death Stalker that nearly killed her, and grievously wounded you.

Tealle, with a determined look on her face, charges at the Death Stalker with no hesitation. Sky and Claire have just arrived to witness you lying on the ground, writhing in pain. They rushed to your side to help you as they watch the intense fight between their fragile member against a giant Scorpion-like Grimm. Claire was just about to butt in to help, but Sky held his right arm in front of her, stopping her.

"Wha--?! Sky!"

"I don't think it's wise to join in a fight that's not ours to mettle with. Let her handle it. Just this once."

Claire thought of it for a moment, but when he saw you nod to her let her partner be, she nodded back as she watched her partner fight.

"Go get 'em, tiger."

Tealle dodges to the side to evade an incoming stinger before vaulting over a pincer that nearly grabbed her. Tealle, ever be the graceful in every fight she engages in, easily avoids the Death Stalkers attacks, and counters with her own, but her attacks were useless against the thick exoskeleton of the Grimm, deflecting her every strikes.

Trying a new strategy, she makes use of the borrowed Semblance as she casts an ice blast around the Death Stalker, summoning pillars of ice. Tealle clenches her fist, then the pillars begin to vibrate. A moment later, the pillars exploded, large, sharp shards of ice impale the Death Stalker, grievously wounding it.

"This is for (Y/N)." she muttered in dark, cold tone as she fires an ice blast underneath the Death Stalker, creating a summoning patch.  She raises her arm, and a large ice spike protrudes from the Death Stalker's exoskeleton. The scorpion-like Grimm wriggles in pain, as it screeches before it finally stills, lifeless.

Tealle breathed out a sigh of relief, before she loses balance and slowly falls to the ground out of exhaustion, only to be caught by her partner, who smiles at her proudly. Tealle smiles back at her as she slowly pants. She then turns her head to you, relieved to see you still alive, thanks to Sky who managed to stop the poison's effect temporarily. You weakly gave her a thumbs up.

"I'm..... proud of you.... Tealle..."

......was all the White Tiger Faunus heard before her exhaustion finally claimed her consciousness.


It's been three days after your deadly mission, and you still weren't awake. Team RWBY and JNPR were inside your private room in the infirmary, as Claire and Sky are sitting on their chairs beside your bed. As all of the people were patiently waiting for any sign of consciousness from you, Ruby noticed someone was missing with them in the room.

"Hey, where's Tealle?" Ruby asked worriedly.

"She's on the building's balcony right now. She still blames herself about what happened to (Y/N)." Blake stated as she is concerned with her Faunus companion.

Claire sighs downheartedly as she rises up from her seat.

"I'll go talk to her...."

Claire walked and walked the hallways until she comes across the balcony where she sees Tealle sitting on a small bench, watching the sunset over Beacon Academy's rooftops, her eyes still red from crying, her white tiger ears drooping down her head.

"Tealle?" Claire calls out, surprising the tiger Faunus before finally relaxing that it was just her partner. Tealle begins wiping off her tear with the sleeve of her cardigan. 

"H-Hey, Claire." Tealle greets gloomily. "I-Is Cap awake yet?"

Claire shakes her head sadly. Saddened by this, Tealle begins sobbing yet again, clinging into Claire's figure as the latter soothingly rubs her on the back, trying to calm Tealle down.

"It's my fault, Claire..... I-It's all m-my fault.... If I was just strong enough in the first place, then maybe Cap would've still been--"

"Tealle!" Claire suddenly shouts, holding Tealle on the shoulders as she gazes Tealle directly at her eyes, with a stern look on her face. "It's not your fault, okay? If it weren't for you, (Y/N) would've been 'Cap'sized by then." 

Tealle groans at her partner's attempt of making a pun, prompting her to punch her in the shoulder, but Claire only laughs it off. When Tealle joined in on her laughter, Claire felt relieved she was able to at least lift Tealle's spirits back up. They both leaned back as they watched the sunset together in a comfortable silence. Claire then decided to speak.

"Hey, can I ask you about something?"

"Hmm? What is it?"

"I'll be blunt, you love Cap, don't you? And don't tell me you don't, because I'm your partner."

Tealle blushed madly at Claire's blunt question, looking away to her reddening cheeks from her partner. Realizing there was no way out to her partners question, she just sighed and slowly nodded.

"Can you tell my why?" Claire asked even further.

"Well, Cap is very influencing, helping others in every way he can, even if it costs him his own life. He's not afraid to take risks to save those he love. He's supportive, and always makes time for everyone. And I always feel safe whenever he's around. Even though he unintentionally becomes the victim of my pranks, he would just smile and say it's okay. I always have this fuzzy feeling whenever he's near. Let's just say that I can think of a million ways why I love Cap."

Tealle closed her eyes in anticipation, waiting for her partner to laugh at her cheesiness, but she heard none. She opened her eyes and turned to Claire, only to see her tearing up for some reason.

"My little Teally is growing up~! Oh, the joy of being a big sister~." Claire cooed as she continued tearing, making Tealle pout and puff her cheeks out of annoyance as she repeatedly hits her on the shoulder, much to Claire's amusement. After they both calmed down....

"So, when are you going to confess?" Claire asked.

Tealle went silent for a moment before finally speaking again, "I was thinking of maybe when Cap finally awakes. Y'know, the sooner the better. This feeling has really been killing me a lot lately. And I want us to be alone when that happens. It's embarrassing for me to confess in front of everyone."

"Leave that to me!" Claire exclaims. "Wow! Who would know that just by defeating a Death Stalker alone was enough to make you even braver than before...." Claire muttered before she begins tearing up again. "Why do you have to grow up so fast, Teally-Teally?~" she coos yet again as she smashes Tealle's face against her voluptuous chest.

"C-Cut it out, Claire! I can't breathe!" Tealle exclaimed as she tries to wriggle out of her partner's grip.


They stopped whatever they were doing when they heard someone behind them. They turned towards their back to see Sky with a genuine smile on his face.

"What is it, Sky?" Claire asked.

"Cap's awake."

Hearing this, Claire and Tealle looked at each other with smiles on their faces. Claire silently encourages her partner with a couple of few words. After that, Claire stood up from the bench and grabbed Tealle up from her seat.

"Now go get your man, tiger. I'll catch up with you." Claire whispered as she winked. Tealle gave her a flashy smile as she ran off towards the infirmary. Claire walked towards Sky's side, with her hands in her jean's pockets as they both slowly followed where Tealle ran off to.

"What did you tell her that made her go back to her usual self again?" Sky inquired the wine-haired girl, who just shrugged her shoulders.

"Girl stuff. No boys allowed." was all she said before Claire walked ahead.

Back in your room, you were having a small conversation with Team RWBY and JNPR. Just then, Tealle opened the door wide open. You turned to her with a small smile.

"Hey, tiger."

Tears slowly made their way out Tealle's eyes as she ran to your side, hugging you as she sobbed on your shoulders. You tried calming her down by muttering comforting words and slowly rubbing her on the back. The teams watched on with relief. Just then, Claire and Sky arrived. After Tealle calmed down, she turned towards her partner and nodded. Claire smiled, knowing what she means and nods back.

"Alright, you guys. Let's give these two some privacy for now."

"E-Eh? But--" Ruby whined but was cut off by Yang who begins dragging her out of the room. Once alone, Tealle sat on the chair, shifting uncomfortably in her seat as she repeatedly joins her index fingers together, while her cheeks begin blushing madly. Needless to say you found this act of hers very cute and attractive.

Honestly speaking to yourself, you grew fond of the White Tiger Faunus few months after being formed. You loved the way how she was always so dependent on either you or Claire. As graceful as she is when she fights, she never fails to subside her pleasingly pretty acts. Even though Tealle is the shy person, you can't help but admire her cleverness when it comes to her pranks. For countless times, you became a victim of Tealle's pranks, although some of them were unintentional. You liked everything about her. Her shyness, her cleverness, her dependent character, and her cute acts. To say you like her would be an understatement. 

You love her.

"U-Um.... Cap?"


"A-Are you.... seeing someone?" Tealle asked, nervousness present in her voice.

"Huh? Well.... I am."

Tealle widened her eyes for a moment before she caught herself back, trying to hide the pain that was slowly building up in her chest, not knowing that girl you're seeing is her. "O-Oh, she must be a real catch. What is she like, Cap?"

"Let's see...... She's a faunus. She's cute, caring, clever when it comes to pranks, and never fails to put a smile on someone's sad faces, even if it costs her own dainty smile. Even though she's dependent, she never fails to be reliable whenever trouble comes."

"I see. What kind of Faunus is she?" Tealle asked with hope in her words.

You smiled as you turned your attention outside, where the sun is still setting. "A tiger." You then turned back to face her, you cheeks slightly reddening by the second. "A White Tiger."

Tealle reeled back in surprise, as tears of pure joy began running down the side of her deeply flushed cheeks. You grabbed Tealle's delicate hand with your own as you looked at her deeply in the eyes. "After saving you from that Death Stalker, I've finally realized something. You and I may be teammates, but I want us to be far more than that. So, if it's okay with you, Tealle. I want you to become my girl----."

You were abruptly cut off as Tealle, unable to suppress her feelings anymore, smashed her lips against yours. You were shocked at the sudden motion before you finally sank into the her kiss. Tealle's kiss was awkward, yet innocent, making you enjoy the kiss even more. This went on for a couple of minutes until you and Tealle heard loud clapping on the doorway. You two separated to see your friends applausing, while Claire wolf whistled.

"You go, tiger!"

Tealle, who downright traumatized of being found out by the others of kissing you, she just stood there beside your bed, her head and faunus ears hanging low, her bangs covering her face, that was flushing red deeper and deeper until she couldn't take it anymore.

"IYAAAAAAAAAH~!!!!!" Tealle suddenly ran out of the room.

"Tealle, wait! You forgot to tell me how Cap's lips felt yet!" you heard Claire shout in the hallways as she chased her teammate, who just screamed even more. You and your friends laughed at the display, as your friends congratulated you on your newfound relationship with the rare White Tiger Faunus.

10 Years Later........ 

Inside the (L/N) Household, everything was peaceful and perfect. That is, until you groggily woke up and noticed the alarm broke, waking up 20 minutes before your work as a Headmaster of Beacon starts. 

"Sweet mother of icicles! I'm gonna be late!"

You quickly rose up from your bed, but was suddenly brought back down by your lovely White Tiger Faunus wife, Tealle Azure, who had her eyes still closed, her arms and legs clinging around your body.

"It's still 6:40. It's still early. Classes start for like... 9:00." Tealle groaned as she tightened her grip around you.

"I know, but--"

Before you could finish what you were about to say, the door to your bedroom suddenly opens, revealing your 6 year-old and 3 year-old daughters. They ran up to your bed, with your first-daughter jumping on her mother's stomach, while your second-born daughter leaped on top of your head, much to your amusement.

"Agile like her mother." you thought to yourself.

Your first-born daughter had a long (H/C) tail, but she had no tiger ears. She had her mother's teal hair, and your (warm/piercing/captivating) (E/C) eyes, while your second-born daughter looked just like her mother, only she did not have her white tiger tail, but she had a pair of white tiger ears. She had a silky (H/C) hair, and she had her mother's piercing, green eyes.

"We're hungry, mama! Cook us something!" your first daughter exclaimed.

"Let your papa cook for today, (your first daughter's name)." Tealle said with a smile as she ruffles her daughter's hair, who just pouted and crossed her arms.

"Papa always leaves the food cold. I don't like it." (your first daughter's name) grumbled, making you hurt at her words, clutching your heart in mock-pain, while Tealle just giggled at your daughter's bluntness.

"How dare you mock my cooking skills, young lady?!"

"But I like papa's cold food." (your second daughter's name) said as she still stayed atop your head.

"That's my girl." as you removed (your second daughter's name) from your head and began tickling her on her sides. Her laughter was music on your ears every time she laughed. (Your second daughter's name) freed herself from you, and hid behind her mother. With that, you decided to rise up from your bed and prepare for the day.

You went into your bathroom, took out your toothbrush and toothpaste. You squeezed a fair amount of toothpaste into your toothbrush. For some reason, instead of white paste, a purplish jelly came out. You payed no mind to it as you were already late.

Back in the bedroom, Tealle and (your first daughter's name) were giggling uncontrollably ever since you went into the bathroom. (Your second daughter's name) can't help but wonder why her mother and sister are laughing until....

"Aaaah!!!! My teeth turned blue!!! Who could've---- (YOUR FIRST DAUGHTER'S NAME)!!!!"

Tealle and (your first daughter's name) can't hold it in anymore and began bursting out in fits of loud laughter, while your baby daughter ran off to find out what happened to you.


"That never gets old, wait till Claire hears about this. Hahaha!"

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