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Personal Narrative Essay About The Beach

I Remember When - Personal Narrative Essay

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I Remember When - Personal Narrative

It was the first weekend in September. The summer holidays were over, and the schools had started back. I was on the beach for the first time after a long week at work.

As Stratton was such a small Cornish town, there were very few people on the beach. My next-door neighbour and drinking partner, Hamish Pengelly was just leaving the beach after walking his dog, Graham Smith; the new owner of Stratton Manor was on the beach watching his son, Charlie, playing in a rubber dingy in the water. Also, Samantha Creeme, the mechanic for the nearest town, Bude, was on lifeguard duty.

It was one of those pleasant days where it was warm, but quite windy. It…show more content…

I called to him 'Graham, Graham! Calm down, everything is going to be alright.'

But I could tell it wasn't. It looked as though Samantha had also gotten herself into trouble. The winds were picking up and you could literally see the waves getting bigger and bigger. I knew that I had to do something. Graham was still in a fazed state, but his expression became one of despair as her could see the situation becoming worse by the minute. I turned and shouted in his direction, 'We need to find something that will float and stand against those winds' He gave me a nod. It looked as thought he wasn't able to talk.

We both started to look around us frantically. I spotted a small wooden boat on the opposite side of the beach. I called to Graham and pointed at it. We both ran to it as fast as we could. As began to drag it down to the waters edge. Just as we reached the shore, I realised that we would need something to paddle, as there were no oars with the boat. Seeing as it was late summer, there had been many thunderstorms and luckily, large pieces of driftwood had been swept up onto shore. I tried to shout my idea to Graham, but I had to fight against the winds that were blowing in the wrong

direction. I eventually had to get up very close to him, until he could properly hear me.

I ran around looking for a suitable piece of wood. I knew exactly what I

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The Beach Essay

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The perfect seal of the horizon begins to break to reveal the gleaming crown of the sun: a new day has begun.

Slowly ascending into the cold dark sky the sun glows vibrantly with delight, the intense colours fill the sky with warmth; pink grapefruits, zesty lemons, citrus oranges and cherry reds detailed in the sky, very much like a brightly coloured Persian rug.

The sea so subtle sparkles preciously brushing up against the seashore. Looking at the crystal waters that stretch out far into the horizon getting darker and deeper but still very calm, the ripples are gentle.

As though walking on a land of gold, the sand so soft, so smooth glistens as it reflects the suns rays with joy of…show more content…

The deserted beach was calling out to people with its exquisite beauty.

The calling must have been heard because not long after, people were already pulling up in their noisy cram packed cars and coaches; as they stepped out their eyes widened and faces glowed with content to see the elegance of the sea.

The sea had now changed from a show of colours to a simple ice clear blue which subtly sparkled and foamed as it gushed up the seashore.

The perfect painted picture was about to be ruined, people were hypnotised: put under a spell more and more people were arriving bringing their huge amounts of noise; engine roars, chatter, loud laughter, squeals of young children and blasts of loud music from their radios.

The seas smooth surface seemed destroyed; people were cramming in, splashing and playing around.

The beach was no longer peaceful as it was a few hours ago, now it's noisy and busy as though I'm back in the city.

The glossy golden sand couldn't really be seen as it was stabbed with umbrellas, piled with deck chairs and cramped under towels of sunbathing tourists, cooking their plump white flesh, absorbing the suns rays to the maximum.

No longer was the beach deserted, it was crowded, the sea full of people playing, the shore was being trampled on and there wasn't

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