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A Memorable Person Essay

The author describes his mother. She uses gestures naturally and her face displays hundreds of emotions. Language then stops being a barrier to her. She can enter into a conversation with anybody, and get across her messages more effectively than many native speakers of English. The author’s Mother is my role model in life. To the author, his Mother is associated with the fragrance of lavender: her favorite soap. This fragrance has always filled our home, and little sachets of dried lavender would be kept in the drawers and shelves of the wardrobes. Even when the author is in a public place, the smell of lavender always brings with it a feeling of comfort and warmth to him, and fills him with the confidence to face all the trials of life. It is this feeling of security and courage which is the greatest gift the author’s Mother has given him, making her the most memorable person in his life. The researcher was born when she was thirty-eight years old. It is a tribute to her determination and strength that the author was delivered naturally, without any surgical intervention, although Mother was past her prime in child-bearing terms. The conditions of the author's birth are typical of the attitude his Mother shows in every aspect of her life. She is always determined to do things in her own way and stands by her decisions. She does not believe in making a fuss over things. When the author was a little girl, cuts and bruises would be treated with disinfectant, a kiss and a strip of Band-Aid, and the author would be matter-of-factly sent on his way. There was no encouragement to self-pity: only a steadfast resolve to bear pain stoically. She inculcated in the author the belief that any suffering is only temporary and will pass. This early molding now anchors me when the storms of life threaten to overturn the author’s boat. Although it may sound old-fashioned in these days of feminism and emphasis on equal opportunity, the author’s Mother taught him the importance of cooking, cleaning the house and helping with every household chore. The researcher may have resented this when he was in school and his classmates were not compelled to do the dishes, sew missing buttons on shirts, or taught to make simple dishes and cups of coffee. But now that the author has his own family, he realizes that his Mother laid the foundation of a happy home by bringing the author up to appreciate the values that bind a close-knit family. Taking care of his family, cooking their favorite dishes, and keeping a home comfortable and warm enough for them to look forward to at the end of the day, gives the author great happiness. Mother prepared him for marriage and motherhood as nobody else ever could. The researcher now makes sure that he passes on to his daughters the little joys of homemaking: although the author doubt he can match his Mother in this! Without his Mother’s encouragement, the author would never have considered going on to college after completing High School. The researcher was not a brilliant student, and did not think that he had it in him to excel at academics. It was Mother who inculcated in the author the belief that it is education which can lift a person’s life to higher planes of success and fulfillment. Every ‘A’ the author secured in school was celebrated at home with a special cake. Mother would keep emphasizing that hundreds of options waited for the author in the world of academics, and he only had to spend time and thought on what he wanted to choose. ...Show more

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Topic CBEST Essay Writing :
We all have uncountered some memorable people in our life. Write an essay and explain why this person is unforgettable to you. Illustrate your essay using examples.

During our life time we all have encountered some memorable people that influenced .In fact,I grew up in a small rural town called Lamgharir in Morocco, approximately few kilometers from the city of Marrakech,I had the opportunity to live , observe,and follow my grandmother footsteps in life. My grandmother Zahia was the unforgettable member of our family, because of her dedication to her community, her hard work to raise five children of her deceased sister, and her love and care toward animals. Truly, my grandmother had an amazing personality.

My grandmother played an important role in serving her community.For instance , she was the only midwife in the whole town. A lot of children were named after her. Throughout the dark nights across the Atlas mountains ,my grandmother walked miles and miles to help women deliver their babies. She saved many lives without asking for anything in return. My grand mother was my inspiration to volunteer during my high school years to teach women to learn how to read and write in the Arabic language. Thus, grandma served her community very well.

Not only my grandmother was an active member of the community, but she was a great mother for her own children and the five other adopted children from her deceased younger sister. For example ,even though my grandma had to take care or her farm animals and her plantations, her children were her first priority. They were always clean, fed and happy. Grandma watched them play hours and hours on the tire swing which she hung herself on the giant tree in front of the house. In addition to her busy day grandma scarified time every night for story telling. I remember a tall white candle, on the top of a big class jar, lighting the room .On the right side of the room, we all gathered around her to enjoy her exciting stories. As a result, I learned from my grandma to put my children first. I decided to take three years off to raise my little girl Sara. Hence, my grandma was a hard working mother and a role model to me.

My grand mother loved and cared about her animals.Eventhough,the work was physically and emotionally demanding , she woke up early every day, with a pleasant attitude, to care for her dogs, chickens ,turkeys , cows, donkeys , and horses. Her hands felt rough to the touch; because she cleaned the animals place everyday .In fact, grandma would direct daily all her animals to the spacious field. As a result, they looked healthy and happy. Since they were feed only green grass and other plants from the big field. Furthermore, this freedom in the green field gave the animals body strength. Thus, grandma's animals lived in a healthy and caring environment.

As a conclusion, my grandmother was a memorable person in our family, because she dedicated her time to serve her community, she worked hard to rise her children, and she created a healthy place for her animals. Grandma influenced me and so many other people around her. I hope that all grandchildren look back and follow their grandparents footsteps. Our grandparents are the wisdom and are a wonderful asset to all of us to follow.

I had the opportunity to live, observe, and follow my grandmother's footsteps in life. She was the unforgettable member of ...

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They were always clean, fed and happy. Grandma watched them play hours and hours on the tire swing which she had hung on the giant tree in front of ...

Even though the work was physica lly and emotionally demanding, she woke up early every day with a pleasant attitude to care for her dogs, chickens ,turkeys , cows, donkeys, and horses.