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Essay On Music Genres

Great Advice On How To Create An Essay About Music Genres

Do you need to create an essay on music genres, but are not sure how to do it in order to get a top grade? Then you’ll need to read the rest of this article, and you’ll be able to get a step ahead of the curve. The tips provided are easy to follow and will make a real difference. With that thought in mind, here are the top things to consider hen trying to create an essay about music genres:

Your favorite

It would be a great idea to write a project on your favorite piece of music genre, because you’ll be able to impose some sort of emotion your content. It is very important to select a title that you can get behind emotionally so that the content becomes interesting. Don’t select a title that you have seen many times before just because it is easy as that will not impress the examiners.

Good examples

You have to get the music examples of the genres you are working which everybody knows about. Only that way will you be able to come up with the kind of content that people can relate to is if they know the songs which you will be covering. Therefore, in each genre that you will be mentioning you should take the time do some research to take a look at the top songs. There are many different websites online where you can look for top songs in any genre.

Select a theme

Instead of doing a generic piece selecting a specific theme is a great idea. However, you have to understand that when selecting a specific theme you have to be aware of the different types of info that you have to include.

If you are having some trouble selecting a theme, then you need to look at the many example projects online. You’ll be able to see the different ideas that you can go with in your own project.

The tips given in this article are just some of the things that you need to keep in mind for a successful project. Once you get going, you’ll see that other things will become clear and you’ll have success with the project.

Music has always been a part of every culture, big or small. It has been there from the beginning of time, and I’m sure it will be there at the end. It has become a part of people, and who they are. Some music represents people, and other music expresses people. Either way, music is around and keeps on growing. Growing to new ideas and feelings that captures it’s listeners. I’ve noticed that my generation judges and categorizes its peers by the music that they listen to. Because music isn’t just something you listen to anymore, it’s who you are. The parents of this generation notices that too I believe. Parents doing usually understand their child’s’ music choices, but they are aware of it.

There is the music that parents don’t mind their kids listening to, like ska. Ska has always been a fun expressive and non-violent type of music. “Happy circus music” is one name that I’ve heard it being called. It’s the local bands that kids get together in small clubs to hang out and watch. It’s usually a nice and friendly atmosphere. Everyone says hello to the person who’s dancing next to them. It’s a place where you can meet people and not get judged right off the bat. It’s an easy going show that kids can go to and stay out of trouble. Many of the kids there are “sXe – straightedge” That means that the person is against drinking smoking and drugs. That’s why parents approve that that kind of music. It’s happy music that does not alarm them.

Then there the music that parents wish their child did not listen to, like punk. Punk is a loud and heavy music that they wish their child didn’t listen to because they think it’s a bad influence on their young mind. When really most of the shows and get together are like that of Ska but with more attitude. Most of the kids that listen to punk music are actually good kids, lot of which are ‘Straightedge’ and very open minded. These are not kids trying to scare people, just expressing who they really are in a non-violent way. But since the music is loud and lude, the parents get the wrong idea of it.

There is also the type of music that the parents are willing to listen along with their kid, the mainstream and popular music. This is a general audience music that they play on the radio and on tv. This music the parents don’t mind, even though they would choose their own music over is any day. But it is played on tv and the radio and is edited and censored enough for their taste. It’s the type of concert where the parents can actually take their kid to see. Usually in a coliseum with organized seating. -It’s the type of place where people are friendly and open-minded just enough to not be called hard headed. This is the type of music that parents don’t mind because it’s edited and screened and is not to harsh and abrasive for themselves to listen to also.

Hardcore music, the music that parents are scared of. This is the type of music that kids go to small clubs to see, hitting and pushing each other, which they consider dancing, while listening to loud, harsh, abrasive music. It’s the type of music that gets kids hyped up and excited, sometimes angry. And parents are truly scared of this music. Scared of the lyrics and the screaming, and mostly of the effect it will have on the child. True, the shows are filled with energy and sometimes hate, but when it comes down to it, the person listening to it may not be. It’s a show where some people can go and have fun, but most of them do not take the anger to the street. The parents are mostly scared because the music is misunderstood to them.

Parents and kids may never really agree on music, but music keeps on changing, and maybe one day they will.

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