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Ums Master Coursework

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Universiti Malaysia Sabah provides an impressive range of postgraduate programmes from Masters Degrees to PhDs. Most are offered on a full time and part time basis. Practical in approach, they are designed to respond to the requirements of both career-minded graduates and prospective employers. The Centre for Postgraduate Studies (CPS) is entrusted with the responsibility for the effective administration of the postgraduate study programme at UMS.

The University's distinctive strength lies in providing high quality teaching and research with a strong professional and applied focus. Collaboration, in both academic and professional communities, is the cornerstone of the success of both our taught and research programmes of study. Courses are developed in discussion with employers and working professionals to ensure their relevance to industry, commerce and the public sector. Our research units maintain partnership locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

The facilities at UMS are excellent. Being one of the 'youngest' public higher institutions in the nation therefore most of our academic buildings are new and have been purpose built for higher education. The Centre for Postgraduate Studies enrols qualified students from different backgrounds. This contributes to an exciting learning environment for both staff and students.

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The Master’s level curriculum is designed to accelerate the awakening process through offering increasingly more advanced subject matter and meditation experiences. The master’s level focuses on tools to introduce you to even deeper levels of awareness, and develop or increase your ability to counsel, teach, and work successfully in a professional capacity in the field of metaphysics.

This program contains 25 core courses and 5 electives, including the final Master’s Culminating Project, which is specifically designed to support you in stretching your abilities and furthering your spiritual, personal, and professional goals. Upon completion of this level, you will receive a master’s degree, be ordained by Wisdom of the Heart Church, and also receive a practitioner’s certificate which allows you to practice hands on healing. The UMS Bachelor’s and Master’s programs must be completed in order to move on to the Doctorate program.

All courses listed below are required courses in the master’s curriculum.

Consciousness II

This course gives the student a basic understanding of how to work with children as a parent, spiritual counselor, or teacher. Learn how to use affirmations and guided imagery to help children.

There is a lot of written material on relationships and how they work, or don’t work. Communication skills are discussed, problem solving skills are included, and other useful techniques are introduced as creative ways to keep relationships healthy. Relationships are sometimes complicated, yet there are some very simple techniques for preserving them.

This is a very important subject for future teachers. Many students or clients will come from dysfunctional or tragic backgrounds. Learn about spiritual challenges and symptoms that people who have been in very dark spaces may be experiencing. As a spiritual teacher and counselor, you can help a person learn how to use adversity to grow.
Audio Meditation: Trauma & Recovery

Learn how to assist those who are dying or experiencing the death of a loved one. Also explored is the subject of death and what really happens after death.

This is an introduction to technologies inspired by the desire to become enlightened. Many technologies are covered and resources are listed. Sound & Light machines, devices for inducing particular brainwaves, and many other inventions.

The Unified Field is all around us, permeating everything and everyone. This is the oneness that we all are, the connection we all have to each other and every thing in the world. Learn what the Unified Field is all about, how you fit into it, and how to apply this knowledge to your life.

Health Studies II

Guidelines are given for how to create meals without losing the life force of the food, and outlines are given for healthy eating and cooking. Food combining, weight loss, arguments for or against some dietary concepts, and other topics are discussed.

Reiki is a very popular hands-on spiritual healing practice. It has become a cornerstone in the toolbox for energy work sessions, and every metaphysical practitioner should can benefit from being exposed to it. (This course does not give you the necessary Reiki attunements, these must be sought in your local area or from another online source that does distance Reiki attunements.)

An overview of the benefits of exercise for the physical body, which also affects the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of the body. Exercise affects all levels. Different kinds of exercise are discussed as well as spiritual perspectives on exercise.

Yoga is an ancient system that addresses all aspects of life and supports total self-realization. Explore yogic philosophy and principles, including several hatha yoga postures.

Intuitive Skills II

Conduct an experiential journey with a willing friend who will allow you to practice with him or her. All that is required is that your friend writes a brief description of his or her experience with you as the hypnotist. (This course does not certify you as a hypnotherapist. Further study is needed.)

The nature of predictions, why they don’t always come true, and how predictions affect the mass consciousness is discussed. Predictions of the future from several different sources and cultures are examined and explored.

Learn the art of unconditional love, a product of divine consciousness and total acceptance of all people. It is a very important skill for a teacher and is a quality of highly evolved souls.
Audio Meditation: Unconditional Love

Learn techniques for achieving out-of-body experiences. Astral projection can add quite a bit of excitement to meditation or sleep time. Out of body experiences are discussed and journeys for inducing these experiences are included.
Audio Meditations: Sensing Astral Body, Astral Projection Techniques, Astral Journey

Learn techniques for achieving lucid dream abilities, and find out how they can be useful. Use charts for triggering and tracking your progress.

Learn techniques for achieving the ability to see auras. The meaning of different layers of the aura are discussed, and examples of auras are shown.

Learn the art of intuitive and extrasensory healing, including how to shift others at the energy level with hands on techniques. Learn how to diagnose the aura and chakras, even if you can’t see them yet. Work with vibrations, colors, prayer, imagery, reiki, and psychic skills.

Career Skills

Discover your purpose and find out what work you are meant to do on the Earth plane. You are awakening in the dream for a reason. Travel into your future and find out how your life will look as a fully awakened being.
Audio meditations: Life Purpose / Soul Agenda

In this lesson the student learns how to lead a meditation. The assignment is to record a ten minute meditation and send it in for credit. The student is encouraged to lead a meditation without a script, but if it is absolutely necessary, a scripted meditation is acceptable.

Learn energy techniques for drawing people to you at the soul level who will benefit from what you have to teach or your healing practice. Journeys include different techniques for making your metaphysical practice magnetic to those who can be assisted by what you have to offer.
Audio Meditations: Adjusting Your Energy, Calling Souls to You, Becoming Magnetic, Choose Your Brightest Reality, Transmission Skills, Becoming a Visible Light Bearer

Ethics are discussed for spiritual teachers, healers and leaders. Learn about teacher/student, and healer/client relationships and how to stay in integrity. Also outlined is how to handle different kinds of students and clients gracefully.

Learn the basics of promoting and running a spiritual business, using spiritual tools and morals, how to manage a budget, how to draw up a business plan in order to draw investors, and other such topics. This is an introduction to a very large and complicated subject, but here you will get some ideas on where to start.

Gain a deeper understanding of how you can engage in spiritual counseling with people as a way of being of service. The course will cover the importance of spiritual counseling in today’s world, the differences and similarities between spiritual counseling and psychotherapy, the ethical dimensions of counseling work, as well as theories and practical tools to use with clients.


The final project in the masters curriculum is designed to create an opportunity for expanded identification and development of the student’s unique abilities. There are several different options available, so the student can decide what area of creative exploration will best further their own personal, spiritual, and professional goals.