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Essays For Cosmetology Schools

If you are graduating from high school or thinking about changing careers, the beauty industry may have crossed your mind. Professionals tend to succeed most when they work in an industry that they are passionate about. Many beauty professionals will tell you that they think their career is rewarding and exciting.

Why You Should Choose a Career in the Beauty Industry

There are a lot of reasons that make choosing a career in the beauty industry is a good idea. And those reasons will probably be different for every person you talk to, but here are a few reasons that are common to most beauty pros.

Put Your Creativity to Good Use

If you enjoy being creative, a beauty career may be for you. For each branch of the beauty industry, there are many opportunities to exercise your creative skills. As an esthetician, you can create stunning makeup looks or find creative ways to help clients make their skin glow. As a cosmetologist, you are constantly using your creativity to create the perfect hair design for each and every person that you help. Clearly, creativity is a big part of being a beauty industry professional.

Help Others

In addition to utilizing creative talents, a career in the beauty field gives you a chance to help and serve others. When people feel pampered, are given a fresh new look, or accept advice on how to look and feel their best, they are very appreciative. In the beauty field you can feel confident that you are helping others be the best that they can be and helping to increase their confidence and self-esteem. You may be helping them land the job or date they have wanted, or simply giving someone a pick-me-up. Nothing feels as good as knowing you are helping others in your career.

Customer Service

Whether you work in a salon, or own your own, if you are good at customer service, you will be an asset to the beauty industry. As with any other retail or service industry there is bound to be unhappy customers for one reason or another. If you have patience and can treat the customer with respect and composure, a career in beauty may be for you.

Start Your Career in the Beauty Industry

At Evergreen Beauty College, we know you have a calling to be creative and help others at the same time. With our experienced and caring instructors, we can teach you how to be a great beauty industry professional. We strive to give you the tools and hands-on experience to live your passion. We were named 2013 School of The Year and produce many successful graduates every year. Whether you are about to graduate from high school, or simply seeking a career change, come discover how Evergreen Beauty College can help you jumpstart your career in the beauty industry.

Every year thousands of people who have a passion for fashion, style and beauty and who enjoy making other people and themselves look amazing and feel appealing enroll in cosmetology schools. Cosmetology school is a place for creative, sociable, ambitious and constantly developing individuals. There are a lot of various directions in the program of a cosmetology school, so every person is free either to choose the subject he or she likes, or to take up several of them: nail technician, esthetician, hair styling, permanent make up specialist, massage therapist, etc. The sphere of cosmetology is multisided and very perspective and rewarding nowadays and there are a lot of reasons why attending a cosmetology school may be beneficial.

The most important advantage of having a cosmetology school education is that you will hardly ever be unemployed (unless you will wish to). People would always like to look and feel beautiful, so you will always have enough opportunities to make them be and feel such. The only task you will always have to fulfill is to be always aware of the latest style and fashion trends and the newest techniques, and take any chance to cultivate your creativity and collect precious experience in your job.

Another advantage of this career is that you are free to choose time and even place where you are eager to perform your skills. You may make weekends whatever days of week you want and you will never have to get up early in the morning(unless you have a yoga-class), because most of stylists prefer starting their working day in the afternoon, during the lunch break of their clients, or even in the evening, after normal business hours. And even if your working place is in the salon, it is likely that you can set the schedule convenient for you.

People say: “If you want to succeed in business, the best way for you is to make your hobby your own business” – a cosmetologist career is the best example to reflect this view. Working with clients’ hair, nails or makeup may be extremely exciting. You meet many different people with different views as for style and fashion and all of them want you to bring their dreams to reality. During this process you practice not only as a cosmetologist, but also as psychologist. And the best reward is a grateful smile on the face of your client.

It is also necessary to point out that if you are creative and skillful enough and enjoy trying new provocative styles, it is possible that you will be asked to style the hair and makeup of models and celebrities, or even well-known politicians. You will even have a possibility to work for big companies’ hair shows, such as Joico or Paul Mitchell, or for some prominent modeling agencies, theatres or magazines. You can make various astonishing acquaintances and may be you will be well-known among very important people.

In a field of cosmetology your incomes depend on nothing else but type, amount and quality of your own work. The more clients you are eager to have a day the more money you may earn. By the way, if to work hard and make a number of personal clients, there is a possibility of expanding your career by becoming a salon manager or even by opening your own salon. I am hardworking and willful, confident of my abilities and skills, so I hope to open my own spa salon some day. I know that my skills and natural charm and sociability will help me to build a base of clients. Moreover I am planning to open my own blog or even a site, where I will give necessary advice on fashion, style, hair design and nail art and tell people about the newest style tendencies. Probably I will face a lot of competitors on my way, but I am not afraid of that. People like to have their own specialist whether in hair style, makeup or manicure, that’s why, they are searching for the “right” person, who would meet their needs. I am sociable and flexible enough to meet the needs of different kinds of people and I am conscious that people will notice that.

Attending a cosmetology school can let one build a fun, flexible and very rewarding career. This job allows flexible working hours, high incomes, guarantee of being employed, plenty of room for professional and personal growth, and acquaintance and experience of interaction with various people. It is necessary to keep up with changing style and fashion tendencies to succeed in this field. In order to keep the clients’ interest a stylist should always be in a process of self-improvement and self-education, as well as he should always find common language with clients. A cosmetology education provides a person with an opportunity of expanding his or her career by becoming a salon or spa manager or even an owner of such. Although it will take a lot of efforts to do this and there are a lot of competitors on the way, I am sure that some day my goal of owning a salon will be achieved. I believe that cosmetology school education will help me to take the first step to my dream and once I will be proud to call my job “my hobby”.